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Marie Laveau was said to be a voodoo queen in New Orleans who cured the sick, sold gris-gris bags, summon spirits and at one supposedly changed the course of history for one wealthy young man and his father. But whether her voodoo talents were actually divine powers or merely theatrics to help boost her social standing, is up to you to decide.

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Voodoo Bayou Photos - Marie Laveau: The New Orleans Voodoo Queen (Occult History Explained)

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  1. I said her name today and as soon as I said it the TV randomly started talking about her. I felt like I summoned her because there is no way it was really "randomly". The show wasn't even anything to do with voodoo

  2. Listen to this $hit! Whitey always saying stupid $hit! “She had beautiful features bc she looked like a white girl”. Are you serious? Smfh!

  3. "Separating fact from myth isn't exactly easy"? Really, well it seems you didn't even bother to do a modicum of research. A simple Google search would show that Charles Laveau was not the mayor of New Orleans in 1812 – or ever for that matter. There was no one by the name of Laveau that ever served as mayor of New Orleans. It really was simple to bust that one. But sounds to me like she was more of a marketing queen than a voodoo queen. She carefully crafted her brand before that was even a thing and was very successful.

  4. Her story is so fascinating. I'd like to see an independent filmmaker with vision and integrity create a movie based on her life. We need more stories about people of African descent from all over the world. Bass Reeves is another interesting historical figure that the powers that be hid behind The Lone Ranger. If Black Panther can exist so can films about intriguing historical people of African ancestry.

  5. I just came back from New Orleans and I find this all fascinating. BTW the Vatican forbids any more tours to her grave. Because of clean up. NO more XXXs on the headstone. The grave site has been recently locked. (And yes, the grave is on Christain burial, which is controlled by the church. She still was or once was Christain, which gave her the rights to the burial site).

  6. Weather y’all like to believe it or not voodoo is real and not everyone should touch it y’all don’t know what’s going to come through especially at the crossroads….

  7. I've never heard of her until a few days ago when my mom gave me a Voodoo Doll from Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo. Decided to look her up.

  8. From there ya heard me. Could tell u Dat voodoo ain't no joke. Once u mess wit dat ain't no backin out. I want learn it tho

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