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Produced by Independent Arts and Music Asheville

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Josh Blake
Scott Reese

Directors of Photography:
Shane Peters
Guy Newton

Shane Peters
Marisa Blake
Guy Newton
Adam McMillan
Alex Cox

Audio Engineering:
Josh Blake
Julian Dreyer

Live Director:
Scott Reese

Video Editor:
Guy Newton

Intro design/graphics:
Phill Bronson

Marisa Blake

Set Design:
Marisa Blake
Josh Blake

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The Marcus King Band - Echo Sessions 61 - The Marcus King Band

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  1. These guys are great. Discovered them last year here on YT. Only been here in N.C. for 3 years but musically, things are looking up.

  2. Fantastic talent at every position….! MK is a Star becoming a super Star! Everything he does has his signature of unique musical greatness. So very appreciative of this young man's playing and vocal exuberance!

  3. Not sure if I want to run up and grab my guitars to play along … or burn them for their futile existence living with me!

  4. in addition to everything already said about him: He's practically playing both rhythm and lead guitar while singing!!! haha amazing

  5. Bruh is tight. Good lookn' young man. Cut up a bit and he'd be a heart breaker with his skillz DAMN! Marcus, primarily, and the rest of the boyz are the epitome of all that is Cool!

  6. The force of Marcus is to be a Incredible guitar player AND a great singer, when Joe Bonamassa and others should just play guitar, because they can’t sing

  7. I went to the show at the Knitting factory in Spokane. Here's an observation. The room has a great sound and a super high end sound system. When the opening act started, the sound was just incredible. Everything was clear and defined and each bass note was fat and hit me like a punch in the chest yet I could identify the pitch of every note. The bassist played a P bass.
    When Marcus came out, the bass was completely different, just a wall of mud even though it was also a P Bass. Marcus King's bassist is probably the better player but i only know that from the videos I have seen on youtube. On the concert I literally could not hear a single note he was playing.
    I'm a bassist myself I have played all my life and I'm 66. I have a P Bass and I know what a good bass sound is. That certainly wasn't it.
    Even though that put a big damper on it for me, I still think Marcus is a brilliant guitar player, a great singer and an exiting performer. And the band is smoking too. But please, figure out a way to get a better live bass sound, your guy deserves it.

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