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Jennifer Bryan, her children and grandchildren are in a desperate situation as they try to survive the rainy season as well as prepare to face the new school year.
Living in a three-bedroom hovel that rests precariously on its foundation, Bryan’s abode is in imminent danger of collapsing. When it rains, the family has to set buckets all over the house, even on the beds, and keep the children huddled in one place to prevent them from getting soaked.

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The Jamaican Gleaner - Double Jeopardy for Rock River Family

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  1. U see the situations u living in and yet u having more kids ,I grow up poor my mom have 8 children and am the second to last one and we don't sit there under struggles I try to fix things and now I own my own house,u old enough to find something to do ,if u tell yourself u don't care well thats what will happen in the end

  2. I love to help these people my fellow Jamaican, but were is the contact number or information how we gonna help them send me information thank you and God bless the family

  3. Them need fi organize a foundation that helps these people instead of filming them to the world!!! The PM build scheme houses

  4. So they get help, and what is next are they going to become wards of the donors? This is crazy there are a million stories such as this, they gave to take some of the responsibilities for their actions. That young girl should get herself together, leave her children with her mom and sisters and go to KFC and apply for a job. Believe me they will have more children for missing men and the circle continues. I am not unfeeling, but I am already helping two families in Jamaica, and sometimes it is a stretch, thank God they listened to me and went to find work and they did. Jamaicans are genius at the begging game so sometimes you don't even know what to believe.

  5. Do they have a contact number I can help them with bed and mattress right now please send me a contact number to reach out to them please

  6. Information should have been given to be able to assist them. am angry cause I surely would have helped them period. My prayers to the young ladies. Keep strong God will provide

  7. Lady stop having all these children and the daughters doing the same thing and then they cry for help stop having so many kids and then you come and cry you see your mothers situation and you already have 3 kids. Leave sex for a while or protect yours and stop with the donkey tears . People will help you but you first have to want to help You.

  8. The situation is grim. But why keep having children for men who are not sticking around and under these conditions. Birth control is free in Jamaica.

  9. People may say that they are not going to help…but if you dont…you best believe the babies may end up in similar situation in the next 10 years or less.

    It is a vicious cycle.

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