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Sports Card Show Near Me – Spending $100,000 On Sports Cards In 24 Hours 💰 (Part 1)

Pots Spending $100,000 On Sports Cards In 24 Hours 💰 (Part 1) on the topic of Sports Card Show Near Me You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s poweroffreedombook learn about Spending $100,000 On Sports Cards In 24 Hours 💰 (Part 1) in today’s post!

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This past weekend we went back to the Dallas card show. Although, this time we brought $100,000 to spend on sports cards in 24 HOURS!! We were able to buy lots of different sports cards like football, basketball, soccer, F1, and more ranging from $75 deals all the way to a $15,000 deal. Every time we come to this show, we never have any trouble buying some cool deals. As I’ve said many times before, I truly think this is the best card show in the country outside of the National, so it’s a must attend anytime we can go. Stay Tuned for the second half of this video tomorrow where we spend the remaining money!

DON’T MISS OUT ON THE LIVE SALE!! – We will be selling all of the cards from these two videos on Thursday September 15th, 2022 at 7pm EST. ONLY on Whatnot.

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Sports Card Show Near Me - Spending $100,000 On Sports Cards In 24 Hours 💰 (Part 1)

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  1. Love the content. I honestly have learned a lot about negotiating by watching these videos. Worst part is that it seems that the big card shows are not in L.A. which doesn't make sense because the card market out here is insane.

  2. Ryan,
    Always love the videos, especially the different spending challenges.

    I have a general question. I have discovered a localish card shop in a mall. They are a sports memorabilia shop and have tons of single's boxes from sports to TCG's. While I was looking through some boxes, there is a lot of stuff that is marked with a price and some that are not. Lots of $1-5 stuff. I guess my question would be, is it rude to ask the shop what kind of deals they could make on bulk purchase or should I only be expecting to pay sticker price(at least for what is stickered).

    I've only been to card shows as there isn't really any local card shops so didn't know if asking for deals should be different when going into a physical store.

  3. What I love about your vlogs is the financial aspect and how you deal with people. I wish I had the numbers game and financial wits that you have 🙂

  4. Holy hell that case deal around the 10 minute mark was insane.. I’d like to think nobody would’ve passed that up. What a steal.

  5. I normally can’t stand the what not content but glad you still negotiate vs just spending to spend. Keep up the great content

  6. Love the videos and how you're easy to deal with! Building relationships along the way! Keep it up, Ryan

  7. Shady seeing people so anxious to unload a whole box worth maybe $30k and wants to unload its for $15k like it’s stolen

  8. i swear im going to get a bottle of alcohol and take a shot each time he says "Do you have any room?" I will be wasted in the first 5 minutes

  9. must be nice to be able to just buy $100,000 worth of cards…,meanwhile there are homeless people who could use it more….i hate people who have tons of money

  10. Man as a Hockey Fan would love to finally get a McDavid auto card! Out of my price range so that would be exciting!

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