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Join Jessie Schneiderman as she invites Julie Swatek into The Room Live. Julie Swatek is the President and Founder of Scrap …

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  1. The comments from psych541 applies to Grant Lewers of The Room Live and the interview of Jordan Belfort.   It is for the over 2,022,089 viewers.  Of course with only 6,072 viewers of this lady talking about scrap books many less viewers will see the post.  I encourage viewers of the Room Live to flood the show with the reason as to why the comments were disabled. Read my post if it is not deleted to explain why I think the gutless producers disabled the comments section because they know the video would be flooded with negative comments. When I watched it I did not know these were actually infomercials.

  2. I have a very serious question and I am curious to see if you have the courage to answer it. The convicted felon that stole millions of dollars from his investors-Jordan Belfort .Your interview was absolutely offensive. I would bet if you had been one of his victims this would have been a different interview.  Instead of praising this criminal you would have had a different tone.  When at the end of the interview he said he would give his money to charity , if you had one ounce of integrity you would have whipped out a list of his victims but instead your interview made me want to throw up in my mouth. I actually have two questions.
    1.Why are the comments disabled for this video?
    2. I think I already know the answer to question 1.  but I will ask anyway, are you simply a shill for criminals or anyone that will pay you a fee for being a guest(?) on your show. How much does it cost to be a quest(?) on your infomercial?
    If you are willing to post this I will pay you the same amount that the convicted felon paid you..  This "interview was a farce. If you want to see an interview that is legit-with a professional interviewer instead of a carnival shill, watch the 60 Minutes interview.  You are absolutely pathetic.  You should be ashamed hyping the book of this con man that is still out there doing the same thing.. The only reason he is not still in prison is that he ratted out Maddon and other wall street con men. Otherwise he would have gotten many more years in prison. So he is not only a thief, con man that stole millions that funded the "sinking yacht story" that you thought was so amusing.  The money to pay for that little amusing boat was stolen from retirement funds and investments of hard working honest people, he was also a rat. How can you sleep at night shilling this con man's book.  I consider you to have the same low level of integrity as this pile of feces.

  3. The soundless intro threw me off, I thought it was my computer.
    Thankyou "The Room" for another interesting interview, with another amazing person.

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