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Saint Mary’S Bank – St. Mary's Food Bank 2019 Documentary

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St. Mary’s Food Bank has been helping feed your neighbors in the Valley for over 50 years.

As the worlds first food bank, they started a global movement towards ending hunger. Now there are food banks across the globe.

This holiday season, don’t forget to make your donation to St. Mary’s Food Bank.

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Saint Mary'S Bank - St. Mary's Food Bank 2019 Documentary

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  1. In my town in Illinois we call them food pantries but it's the same thing I help at a local church one in my town of 38,000 people we have 10 pantries from our during the day some are at night a couple are on Saturdays and one of our local churches does on Sunday. I really enjoy talking to the people when they come in I especially like the little kids I'll hand them some kind of cookies or fruit or something and they just get so excited they like telling you their name and their age all about their brothers and sisters

  2. We should be making food banks a thing of the past not the norm. It’s a shame that this is happening on a global scale. We need an end to slave wages, zero hours contracts and tax breaks for the rich. One percent control half the world’s wealth. It’s often the folks who can ill afford to donate that give the most. Food banks are a symptom of greed. Pay people a living wage and end tax breaks to massive corporations that hoard wealth and do not contribute to society or the communities they exploit! People who work should be able to afford food. Food is a human right. Absolutely gross.

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