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Pool Action Tv – Rob Melrose & Dennis Orcollo Action Room Incident

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This is a race to 15. Rob gets the Breaks and Ball in hand from Dennis Orcollo. Dennis get it even at 8-8 and all hell breaks loose. Check it out. Dennis decides to quit when it’s 8-8 in a race, thinking he can still get his money back since it’s even. Rob try’s to wrap his head around it and explain to Dennis the difference. There was a substantial amount of rail action too that was VERY interested to say the least.

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Pool Action Tv - Rob Melrose & Dennis Orcollo Action Room Incident

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  1. Bitch move from Dennis period. This is why pool has never went anywhere as a sport. Too much bs too much politics and shady shit going on. Dennis is selfish and doesn't care about the sport of pool. You wanna pull shit like this then stay an unknown and stay out of the big tournys.

  2. This entire video was retarded.  Unless somebody Dennis knew was holding absolute lumber against him, I don't see how this could have been profitable.  I agree, any side action has to be null and void, I mean, you can't predict this happening, it's grey area.  I'm not making a buddy of mine, or even an acquaintance pay me if it's an even set, and one party quits.  I don't know what happened here, but I will say that I do think Dennis is the best of the best for $.  That's my opinion.  I'd be afraid to back him after seeing this though, I can't lie.

  3. To dennis, this is a business.. He makes money this way.. Thats his living.. Playing for money is all about making money not earning respect.. Get it right..

  4. its basically a hustle move by Orcollo, sure what he did lost him alot of respect but in the end, it's the money that he's after and like ryanwordonethird had commented, its a reasonable comment that explains Orcollo's move. all hating can stay hating.

  5. Sure you may all think he is crazy and scared for quitting on the set, but think about it in this perspective. Ok so sure there was a little bit of money on the game, but think about all the money on the rail from the side bets. He dumped and quit to make more on the side then on the match itself between himself and Rob. Its a hustle. He is here to make money to bring home. So why you all believe that he is scared of that set, just remember that he is obviously smarter then you all. Because he prolly walked away from the table with 5-10x more in his pocket then from the set he was playing with Rob. There is obviously more to it because this man has all the heart in the world for this game.

  6. Dennis will never be an efren! I was there in Santa Monica when he even skipped out on playing his green time! No class!

  7. wala kinatatakutan yan,hindi quitter yan si dennis. hindi quitter mga pinoy, ayaw lang ng mga pinoy na dinadaya sa laban, hindi nakakatiis.

  8. boons32 is one of the idiot the world could have..
    he judge people from what they look…
    thats why he ain't going no where in what ever he do..

  9. He's a world champion. He's ranked #2 in WPA, and never got off top 10 from the last couple of years up to now. He's 3rd in AZ leader board. Search Wiki and you'd see all his titles. How do you think he'd achieve these if he did not have "guts and heart"?

  10. ows talaga? saang bilyaran yan pre?
    hinay-hinay ka lang brad, nagmumukha tayong mga taong-gubat na hindi sibilisado kung ganyan ang ipapakita mo sa kanila.

    wait. are you even Filipino?

  11. Wat the fuck is the brother downing my philipino brother he is one of us if u down him your downing black people as a whole

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