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Nucamp Rv Photos – Barefoot by nuCamp: The US caravan prototype revealed!

Pots Barefoot by nuCamp: The US caravan prototype revealed! on the topic of Nucamp Rv Photos You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
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Introduce about Barefoot by nuCamp: The US caravan prototype revealed!

We’ve all heard the rumors of a sleek European caravan coming to the US… but when!? Well, I’m sorry it’s not for sale yet.

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Nucamp Rv Photos - Barefoot by nuCamp: The US caravan prototype revealed!

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  1. The table stores in the tall closet. There are two brackets on the right side towards the base of the closet that hold the table when it is not used as a table! I looked at this at the show too…loved it!

  2. I lived in a very large trailer and UK which is basically what this is and it’s very small very cute but the one thing I really didn’t like was not being able to stow that table at night constantly moving around and trying to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water it was just impossible so that would be something I would not care I have lived with the walk-in shower in the bathroom it’s nice but your floors wet and if you walk in with shoes on it gets filthy so I don’t know what they’re planning on doing about that or how it works. Nice for one or two people a couple I don’t know how easy the hook up this and I guess you would have to have a truck to pull it or can you pull up with saya 4 Wheel Dr. or something along those lines but I think it has potential but we had one of those and it worked OK you wanna be careful about that all the best LINDA

  3. hey look…..Pippi Longstocking is doing camper reviews…:) You totally remind me of her with your red hair in braids and freckles…..and no thats not a slight towards you at all… her:)

  4. 5:10 Why are ppl still using the slat system? There are plenty of heavy duty drawer sliders than can hold 400+ pounds out there. It takes up less space and is easier to deploy. Literally a win/win.

  5. Europe has been behind the times regarding this type of trailer. the webpage for this trailer is 2 years out of date.

  6. I think the table top goes inside the hanging closet. See the 2 wooden pieces on the bottom right…I think they are there to hold the top in place. 🙂

  7. Any updates on when we can place an order for the barefoot? My NuCamp dealer doesn't have much information. I currently have a 2022 T@B 400 but I'm wanting to put in an order for a Barefoot asap! Any info on the available colors?

  8. Beautiful! Is there a vent for the stove? That would be critical if camping in cold nasty weather, rather than relying on opening windows.

  9. I've actually never commented before but I wonder if there was a place for the dinette table to be stored inside the closet by the bathroom?

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