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Midtown Table Photos – Design Life: Midtown Overhaul: Kitchen & Dining Room Reveal (Ep. 73)

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In today’s episode of Sarah Richardson’s Design Life, we’re moving on to a super exciting part of the Midtown Overhaul reveal tour! Welcome to the hub of the house, the centre of all the action: It’s the dining room and kitchen! After 30 years of cooking and entertaining in these spaces, my clients were ready for change. So I set out to reimagine, reconfigure and revitalize what turned out to be two of the biggest transformations in the entire house! In the dining room, I’ll show you the importance of budgeting for ambient lighting and how to embrace the power of paint to create the ultimate panelled backdrop for contemporary furniture. Plus, you’ll learn how to piece together a kitchen renovation plan that checks all the boxes on your wish list. For our clients, that meant a powerhouse peninsula, loads of open space to create incredible flow, two seating groupings, multiple work surfaces and stations, and tons of natural light. As far as makeovers go, this reveal episode is dramatic and bound to become one of your favourites! #sarahrichardson #interiordesign #midtownoverhaul

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Midtown Table Photos - Design Life: Midtown Overhaul: Kitchen & Dining Room Reveal (Ep. 73)

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  1. Usually love Sarah & her work but this house is only different, not better. Trendy white EVERYWHERE is not practical- dirty chairs & couches will follow soon. And wallpaper is also trendy….a person will get so tired of thtat same paper pattern (yuk). Sorry Sarah but I'm disappointed with this whitewashed house.

  2. I love all! LOB both curly and straight! Kate you made an amazing choice in stylist and you both did the perfect cut and color. I am taking a screen shot of this when I see my stylist. Thank you for sharing, because it cured a year of indecision on my part. Justin, I Iove the shorter Bob too. I may end up there after the Lob. Also, I want you to know it is so fun to participate with the most enthusiastic, kind, and supportive folks. We all rock!

  3. That accent cabinet color in the kitchen — grey with almost a periwinkle undertone — is stellar. The tilework is gorgeous. Overall a stunning mega-transformation.

  4. Been a Sarah fan from way back and I love when she paints those dark wood paneling because the room becomes so much airy and bright!

  5. Did your clients have a personality transplant. I can imagine a sudden need for lightness after years with colour and dark rooms which are so cozy but I can't imagine them feeling comfortable in this style for very long. I bet in a few months colour will find its way back. Love most of your stuff, particularly the mixing of pattern (!) but I really think that the dining room is icy cold and not a place that I would want to entertain. Marble table, oh no.

  6. Sorry but I used to love her work, but this is a white and beige nightmare. I would love to see her embrace the homes heritage. For example she could have usef winkelmann tiles in the entrance hall. It makes me sad that the beautiful rug in the sitting room was swapped out for the Target or K Mart nightmare.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with going dark a bit? What a sin painting wood panels white. There’s other ways to lighten the room. Maybe paint the walls white?

  8. I painted my family room paneling. It took a long while to convince my husband to agree. But after he finished, he loved it.

  9. Stunning! Would you share the brand of drawer dishwasher you use? My research has found less than great reviews but I am aching for one, that works, of course.

  10. Wow! Love this whole first floor! My favorite spot is the chairs/table/window seat by the backyard…. I would sit in one all day long!

  11. I thought you had lots of good ideas. Can you create an old world dining chair that goes great with the modern,designed gor today's versatile proportions that your modern chairs do? Some of the more charming wood chairs found in antique stores are too low, too narrow, even for an average size person.

  12. Such a huge fan for years! Sarah has great taste. Her designs are always functional and practical yet beautiful and timeless. Recipe for great design. Love the rugs used in this project. Care to Share your resources??

  13. Why is it that every designer thinks that painting absolutely stunning natural wood white is a good way to go. It can be sanded and stained in a lighter shade, but real, quality wood is something that should shine on its own, not be covered by the same white paint you put on drywall. There was actually an episode of "This Old House" where the homeowners wanted to paint woodwork in their living room. They had sanded off some and realized how beautiful the wood was, so they did just that; re-stained it in a much lighter shade and the result was amazing.

  14. Love it…you are a genious. I really like your work…you dont waste materials..and you look for good prices….I appreciate that.

  15. So thrilled you painted the hideous dark wood – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Light and lovely – and you always up the joy in any home blessed to have you!

  16. What do you do if you have very nice oak cabinets in the house you are renting? Not able to paint cabinets. But definitely want an updated look. Landlord has budgeted for new floor and countertops. Can you recommend a wall paint color? How can we make this look more modern? Have you done any oak kitchens? I heard that “gunstock” woods are coming back in?

  17. I usually say Don’t paint the paneling, but in this case I really think it is wonderful! I like more color in my rooms than you usually use, the furniture selected though is great.

  18. Sarah love your evolving style. I have been watching your for years. Love this one so much. I watch it over snd over again. Of course that goes for all your episodes now on YouTube ❤️

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