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Miami University Hockey – Miami University vs. LIU College Hockey Game 2021

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In this video we go to a Miami University college hockey game against Long Island University. The game was played in Oxford, Ohio at the Goggin Ice Center on November 26, 2021.

Miami University is a small private school in Oxford, Ohio and they are known for having a pretty decent hockey program. College hockey games at Miami University are usually pretty packed with fans but on this night Goggin Ice Center was pretty empty (probably because of Thanksgiving).

First we walked around Oxford, Ohio which is a nice little town about an hour and a half outside of Cincinnati. Then we went to a local college bar for a drink. After that we walked over to the arena to watch the hockey game.

This wasn’t my first time at a hockey game as I’ve been to many NHL games but this was my first time at a college game. Goggin Center at Miami University is a pretty impressive arena for college hockey. This game is pretty one sided and the outcome was pretty surprising. Long Island University pretty much dominated the game the entire time, but Miami wouldn’t go down without a fight. Overall I’d say it was a pretty decent introduction to college hockey.

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Miami University Hockey - Miami University vs. LIU College Hockey Game 2021

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  1. Man idk if it's because of covid, but when I was a student at Miami from 2011-2015, every single game was completely sold out. Like students would line up at 6am to get good tickets. Crazy how stuff changes.

  2. Make it rain? Do you throw money at the players? You did pick the winner, but bummer on your score prediction. Favorite Hockey team is the Kings. We should check out a Reign game. Bound to be some fights in the minor league. Fights are the best part of hockey. Sounds pretty brutal, but am I wrong?

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