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Lindsey Sterling Tour – Lindsey Stirling – Artemis Tour 2019 (Warsaw Torwar – 19.09.2019)

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Personally recorded Lindsey Stirling concert that was taken in Poland as a pary of Artemis Tour, Warsaw 19.09.2019 on Torwar Stadium. Sorry for any issues | Osobiście nagrany koncert Lindsey Stirling w Polsce, w Warszawie 19.09.2019 jako cześć trasy Artemis, na Warszawskim Torwarze. Wybaczcie za jakiekolwiek problemy.

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Lindsey Sterling Tour - Lindsey Stirling - Artemis Tour 2019 (Warsaw Torwar - 19.09.2019)

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  1. Na twój profil trafilem przez przypadek,kawal dobrej roboty .Pozdrawiam bardzo serdecznie.

    Byc moze bedziesz moim przyszlym subskrybetem like naa plus

  2. Thank you for recording this. We just saw 'The Artemis Tour 2021' at WolfTrap, Virginia, USA and it has changed quite a bit in terms of costumes and lighting. It was very interesting to compare!

  3. So, this is her playing live, not playback or anything ? Cause all the other videos I searched for her playing were just the video of her on stage and the normal track, not live! She is damn good!!!

  4. Nagrywane niszowym sprzętem albo celowo jakość pogorszona… Masakra . Czuję się tak jakby ktoś nagrywał to w 2010 roku a nie 2019… Taki piękny koncert zniszczony fatalnym materiałem wideo i dzwiekiem…

  5. I discovered Lindsey thanks to a friend in 2012 and didn't listen to hear since then, and now that i'm involve in the world of music, i'm just amazed with her talent, she's unique, she has brought something different to the music industry, she has made her own brand, her own stamp, and I admire that. Nowadays is difficult to find a place in music industry and to bring something different. I'm glad I discovered her!!

  6. 0:00 – Beginning Artemis
    0:29 – Artemis
    4:28 – Elements feat. Lost Girls
    8:50 – Shatter Me
    14:06 – Masquerade
    17:55 – Lindsey says before Master of Tides
    22:42 – Master of Tides
    28:22 – Love Goes On And On
    32:22 – Chatter about the album (Mostly about difficult moments in life)
    34:25 – Crystallize
    39:10 – Lindsey says
    42:24 – Kit took the stage
    43:24 – Hallelujah
    47:35 – Lindsey says
    47:40 – Drew took the stage
    48:46 – Something Polish(I'm from Russia, so I don't know what this song is)
    52:11 – Lindsey is attached to a skirt before Between Twilight
    52:27 – Between Twilight
    57:02 – Chatter, parallel to playing Kit the beginning of the song Sleepwalking
    57:34 – Sleepwalking
    1:01:16 – Chatter about the album (Mostly about difficult moments in life)
    1:03:13 – The Arena
    1:06:48 – Underground
    1:10:36 – Roundtable rival
    1:14:20 – Lindsey says
    1:17:08 – First Light
    1:20:40 – The Upside
    1:24:42 – Mirage
    1:31:09 – Lindsey thanks everyone for the concert
    1:31:32 – Guardian
    1:35:15 – The end. Everyone took the stage

  7. Great music, beautiful graceful dancing; too bad she can't do them at the same time. Are the other musicians syncing to pre-recorded tracks also?

  8. Thank you Arthur for take my home Lindsey… a good birthday gift las 19th april… alone at home but… with this wonderful violinist.

  9. Amazing!
    Watched the entire thing, and it was worth it.
    Sounds so peaceful, and very relaxing, it makes you calm.
    The visuals are very beautiful, and it give you tingles.
    Thank you for recording!

  10. Sao Paulo concert (19/03/20) was canceled due to COVID19 = Im just glad that i could see this one from Poland… Thanks <3

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