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Check out Lakeside Amusement Park in Denver Colorado. Home to some awesome classic rides, crazy roller coasters, and interesting decor. Take this park for what it is, and I bet you have a good time.

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Lakeside Amusment Park - Lakeside Amusment Park Denver, CO Slideshow

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  1. I grew up going to Lakeside. At the end of the school year, my elementary school would rent the whole place out and everyone from school would be there. It was so exciting and so much fun. I still love going there because of all of the nestalgia

  2. I would love to go and see all that andom junk! I sound laugh. And once and a wile it's nice to go to the smaller family parks. Who knows what adventures are waiting?

    Also, it sucks you can't video record and congratulations on your 500th roller coaster! Only 300 left in the US to go!

  3. Lakeside Cyclone is #1 wooden coaster for me. The Spider ride cars are currently sitting to the left of the lift hill if you were wondering

  4. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz BOOK is in the public domain (aka free to use). The Wizard of Oz MOVIE is NOT in the public domain. As long as that picture is closer to the BOOK, than you don't have to pay anyone anything.

  5. wheres the creepy clowns? Just add the creepy clowns,weird side shows,and spooky calliope music and it will be perfect! like from an older scary movie! ๐Ÿ˜› lol. *do-do-do. do-do-do. do-do-do. do-do-do*. hurry hurry hurry! step right up step right up!

  6. The ride at the 2:10 mark was the Star Ride. It operated there until the 1970's I believe when a fire consumed the maintenance building. Unfortunately, it also consumed most of the blue prints for the rides at the park as well as all but one of the gondolas for the Star Ride. Did you see the old steel jail cell while you were there. I was talking about the history of the park with two of the Lakeside PD officers when one of them showed it to me. There are scratchings from some of the inmates there from the 1930's. By the way, the Merry Go Round organ is a fake organ and was just built for looks. Also, the Lakeside Speedway operated from the 1930's to 1988 and hosted weekly stock car and midget car races.

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