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Lakeshore Hockey Arena – Abandoned Hockey Arena l Urban Exploration

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Today we explore the soon to be demolished Art Thompson Hockey arena. Featuring 2 rinks, a pro shop, and bar, this arena sure did have it all. The rink was built in 1972 by the original owners and operators, the rink was purchased in 1998 from the original owners by NCI Sports and Entertainment. Now in the next few weeks, this arena will be demolished to make way for new condos. Interestingly, many items were left behind in this old arena from skates, jerseys, trophies, food, hockey equipment, and to some peoples sadness, BEER. This was definitely a location I thought I’d never see abandoned, especially in Canada


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Abandoned Hockey Arena l Urban Exploration

Abandoned Log Mansion In the Woods

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Lakeshore Hockey Arena - Abandoned Hockey Arena l Urban Exploration

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  1. I work in a hockey rink and we do actually paint the ice white, I’m not sure why the lines were painted on top of the brine pumps in second one though lol

  2. Awe man kinda sad, didnt know it shut down…..played many many summer seasons here with the Generals MHA league…great league with great people running and playing in it. yes the Arena was rough looking to say the least but looking back at it it was part of the charm of playing at that place……….and yes, never leave your wallet in a dressing room.

  3. I refereed many a game here from 1990-2011. If the players and/or Moms didn't verbally assault you the thieves who would break into your room would scoop up your wallet while you were on the ice.

  4. Ah man! Art Thompson closed? This place was big childhood for me. I used go here for skating lessons when I was kid. Then after that I didn't go back there for a long time until 2014 & 2018 I went & visited here after a couple years I was last there. I just saw this place was demolished today & after I searched up Art Thompson & I saw it was closed. Then I found this video so thanks for uploading this. I had so many great memories here & I will always miss this place. (RIP Art Thompson Arena)

  5. Closed end of March… the place was a dive. Side boards were falling over, some areas of the ice had holes in it and my foot got stuck in the concrete. Insulation was falling down on you in the dressing room, oh god that place was so run down. Glad it's gone, was very sad to play there but the ice was cheap.

  6. I played there the first year it was open in (I guess) the winter of 1972-73 and many years (at least a decade) in the beer leagues through the nineties and up into the early 2000's. It was ahem interesting. That first winter you could hear the noise as you skated over "hollow" ice. I had no idea it was abandoned (!).

  7. only closed down about 2 months ago, and it always looked pretty run down. Graffiti on the boards is new but the paint was always chipped

  8. Played there half my life, i know that place inside and out so anything you don't know i can answer lol Everyone was very upset to see it go, one big family there! F**king condos taking over 🙁

  9. Use to play there in the 80's and 90's, the hockey scenes from the movie Strange Brew ( Bob and Doug McKenzie) were shot there.

  10. Fun fact – They filmed STRANGE BREW 1983 there! (The hockey scenes) I used to work at that fukin shithole…. A few mistakes for you. 3:32 is the boiler room, not the compressor room.The Compressor room is located along back wall in the middle which is probally locked. Glasses found in office belong to a man in which I wont mention his first name. B.Gagne who recently retired anyways. Nothing inside the bar area is worth value, most of the garbage has probally been there since the 1970's lmao. Im suprised they left the arena the way they did to lock up for good! Karla ran the bar, Rodney was the cook (rodney has been there for a 1000 years). Rick C. was the convenyor. Im suprised that you didnt check the beer/freezer room underneith the stands/tunnel of the blue rink before you went up stairs. I would of put my money on that there would probally still be beer and some kegs in there. Theres still alot of that building you didnt check out however you should. Anyways As much as I hated the mother fuker Mark (Part owner – they own the vaugh 4 plex as well also are the main reasons they are building condos instead on that property) who owned that place when i worked there, It was alot of fun making alot of great friends in that barn! Some of my friends to this day all worked there such as Hamel, Dettman, Heickerts, Rory, Higgens, Kal, Cousins, Welder, Rodney, Stoner Bill, Doug the Slug, Gagne, Rick C, J.Mason, j.Quinn, Jordan B…..What a great group of guys to work with!

  11. That was a neat video, very different type of abandoned building. I really enjoyed it! Keep up the great explores!

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