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‘It’s the thought that counts.’
We’ve all heard it. But is it true.
In this video I explain why I disagree.
And why a thought is not enough.
Why ideas must be actioned on.
Especially the ones that are recurring.
Get in the game.

This is the first episode about why I started a company.
And why I think you should start something too.

This is Still Company.

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HUGE THANK YOU TO ALEX GASAWAY – she allowed me to lean on her often and sometimes completely as I navigated the pre launch requirements.

This is only the beginning of collaboration with her.
Stay tuned.


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High Cotton Hat Co - How I Started a Hat Company

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  1. This is so inspiring. You have answered so many questions for me. Your approach to this venture is moving. Thank for this I appreciate your journey

  2. So cool that you share your brand daily life to all of us. As a hat manufactor in China, I'm so glad to see how does the hat been created and how it is be after done in the production line, so funny ! thank you~

  3. Ive got my name , logo for my hat brand maybe a clothing brand as well talked the patnent lawyer what are the next steps to creating and getting your brand out there.

  4. Great video I think about doing this every day and then sometimes it gets overwhelming I have no idea where to start yet need finances to start so I would like to start my own hat company I’m looking at creating my own fedoras and brim hats I’m stuck as to where I need to buy the material for these hats; did you buy your caps in bulk from a store that was made up steady or did you hand make your caps thank you for your video

  5. Thats what i want to do …i wear a hat everyday and my head is almost an 8. Its not that easy to find a good cap that fits and that i like … On snapbacks it would be like the last button which sucks. . You are awesome I wish you and your wife needed me as your husband.. jk but not really

  6. How is your company doing so far? I am thinking of doing the same thing. I’ve always wanted to start my own hat/clothing line.

  7. Absolutely love this video. Reminds me of when I first started my fitness brand Grizzly Athletics Wear and there really isn't nothing like receiving your first batch. I was excited for you when I saw your reaction to your first bulk order. I like the fact that you said we should change the saying to a'ction is what matters" because like the saying goes a dream without action is just a dream. I will definitely purchase a hat if you have any left I know this video is not that new but ill check out the site. Would appreciate you checking out my fitness brand as well at http://www.grizzlyathleticswear.com anyways great video and wish you all the best.

  8. I love caps and I have been wanting to create a small local cap business for so long. I've read a lot of articles and watched lots of vids but all I see are canned generic profit centered how to's. I've been looking for information that's really genuine and inspiring. I'm glad that halfway across the world I've clicked on this video! Thank you so much for documenting, creating, sharing your wonderful experience and journey for us to learn and see. Hope you keep the ball rolling and can't wait to see where your products and company goes!

  9. I love that! “Studying the play for when my number is called, because playing is fun!!!!’ So encouraging for others to equate something they’ve done in their past to give them strength and bravery to get the thing, job, done, to get in the game.

  10. Does anyone know where I can find the best quality hats. Not all this rubbish I'm finding on Alibaba, I want them to be the same quality as the ones I buy here in the uk that are hugo boss, Armani, moncler, Versace and so on. The hats are between £40 -£200 so shouldn't cost too much in. bulk

  11. GREAT VIDEO and so INSPIRATIONAL as well! May I ask how you went about getting Samples? and suggestions you can provide? I myself am looking to start a hat brand

  12. I absolutely love this! Good for you. Really inspiring. I've been working on a clothing line for over a year now. I had an idea of bringing people through both the thought process and the action process and you just nailed it. Great job! Looking forward to seeing more of your success!

  13. Okay kudos to you for your entrepreneurial spirit but no offense, it's just a ball cap with your brand logo big deal nothing unique about a ball cap for sure been around forever, just saying, how you'll impress me is if you can tell me how you convince ppl or why ppl should buy your ball cap over any of the other trillions of ball caps out in the marketplace. If you can do that I'll buy one and label you a genius.

  14. I'm sitting here, just had an idea today, to start selling hats.

    Then I found this.

    Now it feels accomplishable.

  15. Thank you for sharing your story! I have so many ideas, but yet never execute them due to fear of failing and not knowing where to start. I'm coming up with a plan of action tonight. 🙂

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