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Great Smokey Mountain Railroad – Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

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Great Smokey Mountain Railroad - Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

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  1. It's one of the few things in this country that's the same trains will be here for a very long time maybe ever it be nice

  2. Thank you The Great Smokey Moutains Railroad for having me i love trains i wish there was one in my city i could ride but thers just cars maybe after the pandemic is over ill come out to the smokey moutain railroad and ride it

  3. Always loved this , when I was little the Norfolk Southern would run excursions past my house everyday and I would sit at the Tito Siding and wait for the steamers and Coal trains to fly past .

  4. I have gone to the fugitive train wreak without having to use this railroad and we went in the trains and took some pics (I can’t show them because they were on my dads phone)

  5. u could run a train on overunity hygogen and emit small steam clouds instead of smoke.. no need for stopping 2 refuel this is misinformation… refueling has never been needed..

  6. they forgot to mention its also home to the fastest shay in the west

  7. It was built in the late 1880's using African American convicts that were "rented" labor. Forced to live in horrific conditions. Convicted of petty crimes (being out at night) but imprisoned for felonies due to the "black code". 19 African american men ranging in ages 15 to 52 died and were buried in an unmarked ditch. The water that drips from the tunnel is to be their tears..

  8. For seemingly no reason, firemen of tourist steam trains have a thing of sending billowing smoke of bituminous coal skyward. Waste of fuel, health hazard, and vista blockage. Besides feeding coal more slowly, there are ways to admit more secondary air.

  9. all those passengers feeling so refreshed, it's too bad the continent doesnt have a lot more standard train travel like europe or asia

  10. When you say countless convicts, I would add that most of those people were not guilty of much. Poor folks who need to eat

  11. What's disappointing about these places and countryside is – tourism has taken away all of natures natural beauty. Can you imagine how special and beautiful countryside like this must have been to those that didn't see hundreds of other people looking at it with you too!?

  12. Bryson City, Cherokee NC, that side of the park is such a different experience from the Tennessee side of the park. There is a whole lot of nothing, lots of peace and quiet if you are into that. Personally I love the hustle/bustle of Gatlinburg, mainly that you can walk everywhere in town. Yet hop in your car and within an hour drive there are some really remote places you can hike.

    Piegon Forge/Sevierville, screw those towns, I live in strip mall city, in gridlock, in traffic, I ain't doing that bullshit on my vacation. When I vacation in that part of the world, I drive weird routes to avoid that gridlock tourist trap.

  13. I am from Murphy NC. I rode this train when I was a kid. I cannot wait to take my wife and 6 year old daughter. They have a steam engine & diesel engine to choose from. Glad to see things haven't changed much. Its a wonderful experience

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