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35 responses to “Garge Sales Near Me – New”

  1. Awesome video and scores!! Love it! Please let me know when you list the Home Interior duck wall plaques, they are so cute!! Thanks!

  2. Please don't use the cha-ching sound in your videos! I got excited and thought my phone was going off that I sold stuff! Lol. Your videos are great! Thank you!

  3. Should have bought all the major artists cassettes if they were only .25 cents? Plus I had that Mayfair cassette recorder when I was a kid late 60's for Christmas. If it worked that would have been a nice $30?

  4. I'm glad it's finally Fall in good Ole Las Vegas . Time to stock up for the winter !! Wish we had sales like those. At least the Fall community sales are coming. Great video as usual Kevin !!

  5. I wish I could get through my monster death pile so that I could legitimately go to yard sales. People have no idea what they have (most of them). Great scores today!

  6. the perfume Incognito you passed is a good seller too. in fact all perfumes sell well from christmas through mothers day

  7. Your so fast and efficient and you don't have to waste time looking at everything and running a bunch of comps-Im so jealous of you:)

  8. I’ve sold Smurf glasses before but I used so much bubble wrap I barely made any money. I didn’t want them to arrive in pieces. I avoid glasses like that now unless you can sell them individually.

  9. Now I can understand how you make a living reselling. People are more than willing to sell their bit for not much money just to get rid of it.

  10. Why do folks who want to sell stuff don't want to give a price that is so annoying. To keep from having a bad attitude I usually walk away.

  11. Hey Woody lol j/k,,,for real though I like the way your magnifying what you're looking at I wish they all would do that!!

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