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This is our walkthrough of the Galleria at White Plains mall in White Plains, NY from January 3, 2019. This is a big, fairly thriving city mall just north of NYC. The big draw is the center court atrium and various architectural touches throughout the mall, which give it a similar quality as malls developed by Taubman Centers.

Songs used in this video (in order):

Mike Moran – El Zoro
Skeewiff – Lost Due to Incompetence
Larry Owens – Struttin’
Keith Mansfield – Gladiator
Steve Gray – Wonder Groove
Steve Gray – Reach Out


I’d like to say a few words about being an ambassador to your local malls. We have been taking the time to visit all the malls within a reasonable driving distance to check up on them and see how they are doing. Also filming an updated video every year or so, regardless of the lack of many changes, just so there is a video record of the health over time. We think this is an important thing to keep tabs on, especially in these wildly turbulent times. The current health emergency has accelerated the impending Retail Apocalypse we’ve all been talking about these last several years. This was already a big problem, but the shutdowns and restrictions have made the issue 5x worse and likely hastened the death of the enclosed shopping mall.

I know we’ve all been on pins and needles wondering how bad the fallout is going to be from all of this.

There really is no way to know exactly unless we ALL go and do our small part to make it known how it turns out. I implore you, if you have the means to pick an area you would like to be an ambassador for, and go document your local malls. Whatever your medium, it doesn’t matter, any and all documentation is necessary and vital in this day and age. Whether it be on Social Media, Flickr, Youtube, any platform gets it out there and preserves it for posterity. We can’t paint this picture unless we all grab a brush…


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  1. that elevator in the center of the mall overlooking the food court has not ran since like October of 2018 it was always breaking down and acting funny I saw it go up really slow to the top floor then went back down without even opening the doors on the top floor they shut it down and its just been sitting on the bottom floor for like a year and a half..

  2. I was the general manager of GWP under Simon from mid 2011 to mid 2013 and again from late 2014 until ownership transferred to Pacific Retail in August of 2016. The place got a bad rap due to the garage incident (garage is owned and operated by the city, not the mall, but customers would blame the mall for garage issues anyway). Simon inherited GWP through the Mills acquisition in 2007, but treated it like a red headed stepson due to the proximity of the Westchester. During my tenure, we did some decent lease-up, replaced the escalators, and changed over all the old burnt out lighting in the common area to LED. Glad to see the new owners inventing in the place, although I see they gave up the ghost on trying to fix the center court elevator, which was a PITA for at least the last ten to twelve years. The mall probably still needs a renovation or redevelopment soon.

  3. The mall still has a somewhat of an eighties feel to it. Not in a bad way, just an observation. I especially like the SERS department store. So telling. Continued great videos both informationally and video wise.

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