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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Euclid Class object, SCP-5201 The Manananggal Animation.

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SCP 5201 is an endemic and carnivorous subspecies of Homo sapiens that have inhabited the Philippines, known in local folklore and myths as the “Manananggal”.
SCP5201 was the only known natural aphotic parthenogenetic mammalian species. SCP-5201 asexually reproduce between the 15th to 20th autotomic stage, during which the lower body regenerates its own upper torso via a process similar to epimorphic regeneration observed in autotomous lizards.

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Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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Dr Bob'S Dental - SCP-5201 The Manananggal Seeks Human Prey

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  1. This is not scp manananggal is not scp manananggal is creatures from Philippines that eats baby and eats pregnant woman it's mythical creatures Phil is had more mythical creatures but it's not real but it's real its confus but sometimes manananggal is dangerous and real and not real

  2. We also have this belief that if the Lana (oil put in a small bottle) boils it means that an aswang or mananaggal is near

  3. As a filipino i know theres hundreds if not thousands of these guys in the jungle how are all of them going to be contained?

  4. Well actually this is a myth from the Philippines and I am also an philipino the manananggal has a back story he's powers was given by an evil cult or in the Philippines we called it culto it's a ritual but u can't eat normal food anymore what mamananggal eats is human flesh and blood but what mamananggal's like is a baby

  5. It’s been nice watching your channel grow Doctor, I remember the first video of yours I watched and it’s been a pleasure seeing your channel grow and your animation become better and better.

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