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Dixks Sporting Goods – Full Workout at DICKS SPORTING GOODS

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Dixks Sporting Goods - Full Workout at DICKS SPORTING GOODS

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  1. I did a full shoulder workout at Walmart when I left the store 2 Cranston, RI police cars were there asking me what I was doing I told them I was training shoulders I said do you want my ID.they said nope no crime has been committed. They said ok and just let my wife and I leave. I did shoulder presses with 225 x5 sets of 8 4 behind neck 4 sets of 8 dumbbell lateral raises _4 sets of 10 bent over rear depts 4 sets of 10 . 4 sets of Arnold presses for 10 all dumbbell s were with 45l lbs. I did shrugs 4 sets of 15.with 60lb dumbbells. The cops were more astonished if anything most people would try stealing loss prevention were nervous I was gonna get hurt but when they seen me in real time they could tell I was in cock diesel shape. I wasn't in anyone's way. I was done in 50 minutes. I bought two Muscle Milk post workout drinks I just got out of prison so I did express workout..

  2. *Employee walks up
    Him: “You gonna asks me to leave?”
    Employee: “Nah bro just watching do your thing”

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  4. Imagine if someone started coming there everyday, walking in, then 45-60min later walking out sweaty, and workers see him do that 6 days a week
    Literally technically cant kick him out, or bitch him out, just say you've been testing out the equipment… Even if they tried to say "but you tested the equipment yesterday?"
    "yea I tested out the dumbells, today im going to test the bench, tomorrow im thinking i might test the kettlebells… im building a home gym, so want to be smart about what i buy, its expensive you know!?"
    "but sir…. you've been testing the equipment everyday for the past year…."
    "um….yeah….. I want to be 100% sure… GOSHHHH!"

    Friends "yo what gym you go to?"
    "oh I go to Dicks"
    Friends "no not to buy equipment, but what gym? to workout at…"
    "yeah…. I go to Dicks, its pretty legit! Sucks that they dont have a sauna, or showers, but I manage"

  5. dude thats a really nice gym seems like they got nice equipment, at my gym i have to bring my own weights which im fine with, but its a great place for bulking its called
    Heaven for

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