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Dive Motel Nashville – A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour : Episode 19 : The Dive Motel

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0:00 Open
0:11 Intro
1:05 First Room Tour – Rumors
1:53 All Hotel Rooms Tour – Sunflower, Elvis, Boogie Nights, Leopard, Captain, Cher’s Lair
2:34 Second Room Tour – Honeymoon Penthouse
3:24 Recap + Review —

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Dive Motel Nashville - A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour : Episode 19 : The Dive Motel

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  1. Okay for once I'm going to be "that guy" =/ Typically "retro" means in the style of something past, and "vintage" means something actually from an era (and usually representative of it – like mid century modern Dutch design). Vintage also usually denotes at least 20 years old and older. Anything over 100 years is typically considered "antique." So this hotel really is retro! (This kind of thing gets complicated when it's like 80's does 40's – both vintage AND retro lol. Also I'm sure this hotel probably sourced vintage furniture to give it genuine quality, even though the hotel itself is contemporary, just not in it's styling.)
    Anyway, I'll get off my weird soapbox to say I love you two and your adventures at retro/vintage/contemporary hotels and everywhere in between. As always, thank you for sharing.

  2. I've read about this place! It looks even more amazing in your video too! Thanks for another fabulous trip!

  3. I am all about this decor!
    And you two seriously need your own show. You are so cute and funny! I have loved binge watching your videos!

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