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Chuze Fitness Fullerton - Chuze Fitness Tour

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  1. MINUS 100000 .. I've been going there for almost a year and for the past three months since they hired this racist white lady ( I WILL GET HER NAME NEXT FEW DAYS ) things changed dramatically , she is Racist and Rude and Extremely Obnoxious ,I brought it to her supervisor attention a few times, but i kept on noticing her nasty and highly disrespectful behavior never changed . she would never say hello to anyone who wasn't white. she kept on picking on me in a very disrespectful manner Let me give you a direct illustration of her cowardly and very rude and inconsiderate behavior She would approach me not even ten seconds after closing time with the gym still been packed with clients and she would make very rude comments focusing on me only and simultaneously ignoring all The other white people .On November 30 Th the very last day of the month was the straw that broke the camel back . i saw her whispering in to another employee and i was subsequently confronted by the same individual about some non sense . as a direct results I stopped going to the gym. i filed a complaint with corporate office twice but it seems that they didn't ' care whatsoever . As result I'm very disappointed with their poor handling of their clients issues and their Very unprofessional customer service It appears that they don't care since they are oblivious to other available competitors. Due to that final incident , i decided to immediately to change my membership permanently to one of your main competitors instead and recommend to all my collogues and friends to do the same

  2. So your site lists a $49 fee as well. Still you have plenty of room for personal trainers and classes with that $10 a month. Hopefully this time next year that same offer will be available.

  3. Crunch Gym Alfred a generous two week trial and then 995 a month thereafter. I blame myself, my relative, and yes the company. I did not sign up the exact day of this is person want to give me a birthday present. That company to had to charge a $49 annual fee. My relative is frustrated at the price went up to $21 a month. The room is so crowded the personal trainers have to share the yoga class room or a small corner by the cable machines. Today someone was so rude, it was 10 minutes before the Chisel class and the person had to go in and blast the stereo over everyone else's work. That meant I could not hear my music from my phone and finish my yoga set. Oftentimes they do not have an attachment to go with the Campbell machines. The location is still the best since it is in the mall. After the bait and switch with the price I almost wanted to quit especially since today I was 95 looking since short. They made me feel embarrassed. Yes a relative wants to get me a gift but because the price more than doubled they bailed out 3 months later and let me the bill.

  4. price needs to go up a bit for 10 bucks it fucken looks like walmart in there. the worse of the worse go there, i give it few years before they have too. i cancel and went back to 24hr,

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