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Chatanooga Ruby Falls – Ruby Falls // Chattanooga TN

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Ruby Falls in Chattanooga TN is the tallest and deepest underground waterfall in the IS that is open to the public. If you are driving into Chattanooga TN, its hard to miss the impressive number of billboards advertising for Ruby Falls, so we decided to check it out.

In this video, I’m going to walk you through what you can expect if you come to Ruby falls and give you my honest review of whether it was worth the visit.

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Chatanooga Ruby Falls - Ruby Falls // Chattanooga TN

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25 responses to “Chatanooga Ruby Falls – New”

  1. Just love seeing another family who love to travel. This video was so informative and you do such a great job with pacing. We went to Ruby Falls this past summer and loved it. Yea, no social distancing for sure.

  2. Very nice informative video. Thanks for sharing. I live in between Florida & Iowa. And always make a stop in Chattanooga, TN for gas, food & rest. This time I actually stayed longer and explored the Rubby Falls/Caves. It’s worth of a trip. Just subscribed to your channel. Love it.

  3. I am in North Carolina and would make the trip if they had a day with the lights led white. The colored lights enhance the structures of the formations, but composition is masked. Solid video, thanks.

  4. It's a sad comment that something so incredibly beautiful is illuminated with colored lights.
    It gives it a cheap, carnival-like look but maybe that's what's required to get peoples attention.

  5. Nice we toured Ruby Falls a couple months ago. I would say it is worth a visit, although you are spot on about it feeling like a man made cavern. I do believe the experience would have been better if the crowds were smaller.

  6. Great video, very informative. I live in Nashville, TN & have been driving by Ruby Falls since 1973 going to Atlanta and back. I will make a trip next time I need to take a visitor to show something unique to this area.

  7. Im a bit claustrophobic. Also have a fear of elevators since ive been stuck on one. Wifes says, i want to go see ruby falls when we were in Chattanooga. I said ok. Didnt know what i was in for. It was still worth it.

  8. Great videos. Just subscribed. I started a channel for fun. Mainly to make videos of the kids growing up. I’m practicing so hopefully my videos get better lol

  9. Wow, it was so crowded! I went with my parents and grandparents as a kid and it wasn’t nearly that crowded. That would have made it miserable for me, as I can’t stand crowds. What a shame.

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