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Active Amber Alerts – South Salt Lake police defend use of AMBER Alert; details released

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South Salt Lake police say they made the decision to issue an AMBER Alert early Saturday due to the possible victim looking “petite,” along with evidence found at the scene leading investigators to believe she was a child.

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Active Amber Alerts - South Salt Lake police defend use of AMBER Alert; details released

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  1. Some people out there need to grow a spine and stand up when something like that happens. If you’re nearby take it as a sign of fate, your destiny to intervene. Don’t be needlessly reckless, but do everything in your power, up to an including, putting yourself in danger to stop something like this. Live for something, be more, don’t just float thru life trying to always find the path of least resistance. You can be and mean so much more to others with just an ounce of courage in a moment like this

  2. Is sad that people get they kids taken and the kids probably hurt or daed that’s sad bruh but I pray that the kids are ok and get found

  3. Is no one going to talk about the fact that there are literally people around when it was very clear that this is a kidnapping??
    No one is doing a thing.
    I am absolutely disgusted and horrified to see this.

  4. The media and cops telling people not to intervene… PATHETIC. What a cowardly and sad community they must want…

  5. even when men is just a bystander..we still get these bitches want men to step up and put their life on the line…men get scared too…but remember men you should sacrifice urself first but u cant mansplain or manspread…cant joke with grabbing bitches in the pusssy…

  6. What's wrong with these people!!! Someone is getting kidnapped and pleading for help. They get in their cars and drive off don't lift a finger. That guy in the black truck is especially ridiculous. This is how wimpy, weak, sheep behave, just so you know.

  7. On far too many occasions, a man acting as a White Knight has been thrown under the proverbial bus by the woman involved and had his life destroyed. There is absolutely no value for any man to intervene to help a "strong independent" woman who, at least in this case, was having not the first public foreplay with her boyfriend. All men were smart not to have intervened in this situation. Some women like bad boys (even violent prisoners more than regular guys) and thus one can never be sure how either the woman or the man might react to interference.

  8. One of my law professors taught us that if you see a man and woman fighting, DO NOT get involved. Call the police yes, but don't get involved. In his experience as a criminal lawyer he said that the majority of the time the couple will turn on you, fight you and you will be the one going to jail. 

    Also, if you call in a domestic case they will send several police cars since domestic violence cases are the most dangerous of all types of cases. That should tell you something. After you read this and you still think you want to be a hero remember in this case you would be going up against a 22 year old jacked up on meth. Good luck with that.

  9. They shouldn't have to defend themselves for using an Amber Alert. They were doing the right thing to actually do something compared to the gutless want a be man at the pump. Shameful conduct dude!! Salt Lake…"The city that doesn't care!"

  10. "Defend AMBER Alert"
    Imaging lacking so much empathy that thinking that issuing an AMBER alert over a random kidnapping was unnecessary. What's wrong with people?

  11. Never even call the cops! DO NOT GET INVOLVED! I was arrested last Thursday and am being prosecuted for getting involved! Take it from someone that knows the risks of getting involved.

    Edit: Even if it's a little old lady that fell on the street. For all you know she may be nuts and say you tripped her! She may not even be nuts and think you tripped her! Just leave… it's the safest option. DO NOT CALL FOR HELP! I cannot say that enough!

  12. The men in the parking lot are cowards how can you look in the mirror you coward shame on you a child has a bigger spine than you cowards

  13. Oh how thoughtful of the police to advice people to be bystanders to cover their own asses. RIP all victims of domestic violence and thank the LORD this victim was saved EVENTUALLY.

  14. The man that did NOTHING should be arrested too. How do you keep pumping gas and not help this poor woman is beyond my comprehension

  15. I am a guy, and if I am kidnapped, I sure want the police to send out an AMBER alert. Just add that is a young girl with larger old boy appearance.

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